Show me the Money! :D

I thought I might take a minute and let you know the different types of payment I can accept for my sewing services.

I want to be as flexible as possible to make things easy for you.  Here are my payment terms.

Cash is probably the easiest though I’m terrible at keeping change which is why I try to keep my prices in even numbers.  

I accept cheques too.  Be aware though, that if a cheque bounces, I will expect you to repay in cash and cover any bank fees I may incur.

I also accept paypal.  This allows you to pay using a credit card, using your paypal balance or directly from your bank account.

If you do online banking you can also pay me via email money transfer.  Check with your bank to see what the fees are for this service.

I don’t require a deposit for alteration services though prepayment is always nice.  If you are paying via paypal or email money transfer I do ask that you send your payment before picking up you clothing.

I require a 75% deposit for any custom or re-construction projects with the final 25% due when you pick up the final product.

Clear as mud? 😀  If you have any questions about payment don’t hesitate to ask!


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