Fuzzy Pants and recycling

Ages ago I had some minky fabric left over from rescuing a little girls favourite stuffy.  I also had a pair of pants I no longer wore and wanted to make something for my daughter.  I cut up my old pants and cut new pants from the legs.  Then added the fuzzy minky fabric to the hems and for pockets.  She loved them and wore them every where and just about every day.  Eventually, of course, she grew out of them, beyond what I could fix.

Since I work at Fabricland I am subjected to going through the remnants from time to time which usually ends up with me purchasing tiny bits of fabric that I’ve been eyeballing since it entered the store.  Despite my staff discount, I’m still cheap and wait for things to go on super sale. 😀  One day while doing up the remnants I came across this turquoise greenish piece of poodle minky.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a knit fabric backing with super curly fur that is really soft and looks like lots of fun.  Most people use this for blankets and items of that nature.  Me, on the other hand, look at all fabrics and wonder what kind of clothing I could possibly make from it.  After some mulling I decided this piece of poodle minky would be happy in my stash at home.

A couple weeks later I finally decided what to do with it.  Fuzzy pants for Parker!  She loved the other pair so much I wanted to make another that would hopefully last her a while.

So into my boxes I dove and found a pair of black pants that no longer fit anyone and had a couple of holes in the crotch that I didn’t really feel like fixing, and I took them apart.  The buttons and zippers were put in my notions box to be used later and I cut new pants for Parker.  I then cut two little squares of the poodle minky for pockets and two rectangles for the hems.  Stitched it all up and Voila! New fuzzy pants! and she loves them, so bonus!


I also finished up a dress for her.  For her second birthday I made her a playhouse by covering a card table with fabric.  It was great and she loved it but hasn’t been playing with it at all for last few months.  I decided it was time to retire it and washed it up, cut it up and now it’s this cute little dress (and I still have some fabric left over to make something else).


My son was in dire need of pants and he always seems to get jipped in the homemade clothes department (what can I say, girls stuff is more fun.)  So I took a pair of old plaid cotton pj pants and made him a new pair from them.  The nice thing about reusing old clothing to make new clothing is you can actually save yourself some work if certain areas are still in good condition.  For example.  These pj pants were still good at the hems and inseams.  The outer seams were torn (not sure what happened there) but the waist band still had perfectly good elastic in it.  So when I cut Patrick’s pants out, I lined up the inseam of the pattern with the inseam of the pant as well as lining up the hem of the pattern with the hem of the pant.  There, two steps of sewing eliminated.  Then it was just a matter of stitching up the outer seam, crotch, and casing.  I re-used the elastic and presto, new pants for the boy!



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  1. Posted by megan on April 16, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    i love the dress for parker — and super short hair on “the boy” lol…. they are huge now. time flies really fast. oooh and i love the new site. shes a bute!

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