Cut-offs for the Little Lady

Well, I’m trying to work my way through my stash a bit before I get started on my wedding dress and bra project.  I had this pair of kids jeans that I got from somewhere.  They were in great condition except for the holes in the knees that the previous owner had tried to patch with felt.  Felt, unfortunately, does not wash well so I imagine this was a very temporary solution to the problem.  I contemplated simply fixing the hole and putting the jeans away until later but decided instead to cut them off for my daughter.

Here’s how I went about doing this. (I apologise for the not so great pics, I only have my cellphone camera until my husband gets back from his business trip.)

First I laid out the jeans and decided how short I wanted them.  I decided to cut them 3″ below the crotch seam.


The easiest way I found to cut the legs fairly evenly is to measure up the inseam from the pant hem to the point you want to cut off the leg.  For these jeans it was about 20 inches.  Then I folded the jeans in half so that the inseams were together and measured up 20 inches from the hem and marked a few points to cut along and cut the legs off in one go.


At this point you can either leave it as is for that true cut off look or you can hem them. I decided to hem them since my daughter is somewhat particular about her clothes and I thought she might prefer the hem.  So to hem the shorts I turned up about 1/4 inch and pressed it.  Then turned up another 1/2 inch and pressed.


Then I stitched around the hem.  I just used white thread but you can use a thread that matches the top stitching.

I then had to take this project one more step.  Since the jeans are actually a couple of sizes too big in the waist I wanted to add some elastic.  I cut a slit in the inside waistband just in front of the side seam on both sides.  Be careful not to cut right through both layers.


Next I inserted a piece of elastic into the back portion of the waistband.  I left the elastic long and I’ll explain why in a minute.  Once the elastic is through to the other side, leave about a 1/2 inch tail and stitch through the waistband and elastic at approximately the side seam point.  The reason I left the elastic long is because it can be hard to gauge just how big of a piece of elastic is needed in order to draw in the waistband.  What I did was I measured a pair of pants that I knew fit my daughter and then drew up the elastic in the new shorts to match that measurement.  Then I tacked the elastic inside the waistband the same way I did on the first side, by stitching through all three layers.


Next I trimmed the elastic leaving about a 1/2 inch tail.  I tucked the ends of the elastic into the waistband and then slip stitched the openings closed.  Voila! new shorts for my girl!



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