Dress Update

I decided that maybe I could share some pictures of the inspirations I will be using for my wedding dress remake.  I’m even going to let you see my sketch, just promise not to laugh.  It was drawn really quick and with pencil and my scanner isn’t working right so I had to take a picture of it (on my cell phone no less).

Anyhow, I decided that this dress would be my main inspiration:


I love the idea of colour in a wedding dress.  I think it really sets a dress apart from the usual white.  I don’t care much for the silhouette of the dress, at least not for my dress since I don’t feel I could make this shape work with the fabrics I have available to me so I’m going to go with a slimmer skirt.  Here is my sketch.  I don’t know how clear it will be to everyone but perhaps when you look at the other inspiration photo’s it will make sense.


The main portions of the dress will be out of the off-white taffeta that was the original dress.  I’m going to slim down the skirt but create a fishtail train in the back.  The front will still have that awesome sweetheart neckline but I’m planning to add sleeveless armholes (sorry i can’t think how else to describe it) that will hook in the back.  The back will be open and the skirt will have a zipper in the back.  I’m going to add strips of colour (the darker portions of the sketch) around the armholes, waist, front and back of the skirt.

Here’s the dress in pieces:


These are the photo’s I’m using as inspiration for this dress.  This first one is actually the third dress that can be used as inspiration for the competition.  I’m sure you will see how each of these have given ideas for different aspects of my sketch.





So far I’ve removed most of the lace and beads from the top part of the dress.  I plan to use the beads again but the lace didn’t survive very well so I don’t think I’ll be able to use it.  I’ve already started working on the bodice.  here are a couple of photo’s of it pinned on the dress form.  Right now I’m just trimming it up and will start work on the skirt when the top is pinned back on the dress form.

0429091422aA view of the princess seam pinned to fit the size of dress form I’m using.

0429091423bA front view of the side seam pinned out.

0429091423cA back view of the side seam pinned out.

after the fit of one side was what I wanted, I drew the new seam lines on with pencil and marked where I want to cut the back of the top out.  Then I carefully ironed the pieces flat and trimmed the excess fabric.  The front was folded in half so that the other half I didn’t fit on the dress form would be the same and the back piece that I marked also becomes a pattern piece for the other side.


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