Dress Update #2

I’ve progressed to putting the skirt on the dress.  at this point I need to cut out/trim all my pieces and then I’ll get to sewing them.  I am hoping that I have enough fabric here that I won’t need to purchase anything.

One thing I have found is that I’m going to have to find or make lace or something to put on the bodice of the dress as there are tiny little holes left from where I removed the old lace.  It’s too bad it didn’t survive, I was really hoping to reuse some of it.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of the bodice pinned back on and the skirt on the bodice.  I’ve only done one side of the back and I won’t show you pictures of the train on it yet because the dress really needs to be sewn together so the seams are sturdy enough to handle the weight.

0429091911aThe bodice trimmed and better fitted.

0429091912aSide view of the bodice.

0429091912bBack view.

0429092206aSorry for the not so great pictures but you can see the front of the skirt pinned on.

0429092206bThis is the back.  the train will be put into the space and I will be adding strips of coloured satin to it as well (in the front too actually)


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