Completed wedding dress!

Yay! I’m finished!  Now I need to get the dress dropped off before Friday night and keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome from the competition.  🙂

I encountered a few snags, some I overcame and some I have to live with.  There were quite a few pick marks and tiny holes that I couldn’t do anything about.  They don’t detract from the dress and are not noticeable (except to me, anyhow) so I left them.  It would have been too awkward to cover them.  I did have to deal with the couple of stains on the bodice, I couldn’t ignore them.  I added lace to the bodice and added some of the beads and sequins I took from the original lace.  It wasn’t a mirror image design in the lace so I couldn’t make a perfectly symmetrical design from the flowers.  I opted to try for more of a non-specific design and I hope it doesn’t appear as though it was just added for the sake of adding it.

I had had an earlier problem of the sides of the dress sticking out.  I’ve somewhat solved the problem by removing the armhole thingys and re- attaching to take up the slack.  I think it is more of a design problem though and in the future I will probably take a different approach to the whole backless dress idea.

I also had originally made some really pretty organza flowers that I wanted to put on the dress.  I had added a cluster on the bodice, a cluster at the top of the train and one of the ends of the ribbon ties.  However, I found that they just didn’t fit.  Once I removed them, the dress seemed ‘finished’ so I’m happy to share the results.

Dress Front


Detail of Dress Front


Dress back


Detail of armhole thingys and the lacing. 😀


Detail of lace flowers on end of ribbon ties.


If all goes well I’ll have some professional photos of the dress to show you. 😀  Wish me luck for the competition!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by goffcouture on May 31, 2009 at 12:36 am

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The combination of the bare back with the big train is very dramatic!

  2. […] I decided to try putting fabric on the shoe this time so I used some scraps of plaid taffetta I had leftover from my wedding dress project. […]

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