Feathery Flower Frock, in progress

I know, I know, I am supposed to be working on my bra remake.  And I am, I just don’t want to post anything until I’m complete and I promise to post it whether it is a success or a failure. 🙂

My friend asked me to make some dresses for her.  She had recently discovered etsy.com and through alchemy she had commissioned someone to recreate this dress for her.


Lets just say the finished product was not exactly what she was expecting.  Wrong fabric, wrong style, wrong flowers, just plain wrong.  We even asked a guy what he thought and he noticed it was not the same dress.

Now, I’m not saying that it should have been exactly like the photo.  That would be just about impossible unless she bought this dress from the original designer.  But she was looking for something at least close.  So this is where I come in.

I’ve got the dress pretty much put together but I think I need to make some changes.  My dress form is slightly bigger than my friend so I will have to make some adjustments anyhow but there are a couple of design details I think need changing.

Here is the front, side and back view of the dress.




So first thing you may notice is that the one side of the top is slightly different than the other.  I made the strap wider just in the front so that I would have a base to attach the ruffles to.

I think the two major changes I need to make are to narrow the black band and to make the left top smaller.


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  1. Posted by goffcouture on May 31, 2009 at 12:34 am

    I agree w/ the adjustments you mentioned and I think you’re doing a great job recreating the original! Creating a garment from a photo only is always a FUN challenge, isn’t it? It’s looking good. 🙂

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