Ruffle issues…wtf

I’m sure this is a combination of things causing my discomfort with the way the ruffles are turning out for this dress top.  In my previous post you can see the original dress I’m attempting to copy.  I have already spoken with my friend and have agreed to leave the dress as it is and if necessary I will make adjustments when she tries it on, so I’ve been working on the ruffly stuff.  The ruffles I’ve been attaching to the dress are not behaving how I want them to.  They are standing almost straight out, it’s thick, it’s heavy looking and feeling.  The fabric in the original dress is probably a silk chiffon which would be nice and light.  I couldn’t get chiffon, silk or otherwise, in a colour that was even close to what my friend wanted so I settled for a polyester crepe as it had a similar drape.  That’s all fine for the main dress but it’s turning out to really suck for the ruffles!


So I think I need to go back to the drawing board.  Perhaps wider ruffles overlapping and not so densely gathered would work better.  These definitely have to come off.


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