Epic Shoe Fail! Update.

So you may have seen my post previously where I attempted to fix my daughters shoes.  If you didn’t, here’s the original post.

Long story short, my solution for the original problem turned into it’s own problem.  The first three or four rows of sequins had torn off within the week and the shoes were looking mighty disheveled.  I’m not sure if there was anything I could have done to prevent this.  I’m thinking more glue would probably have done it but it’s hard to say.

At this point, I’m willing to say this may not be the best idea for fixing the shoes of this rough and tumble girly girl.

So I attempted to fix the shoes yet again.  I peeled off the remaining sequins, which came off very easily off one shoe but gave me some trouble on the other.


I decided to try putting fabric on the shoe this time so I used some scraps of plaid taffetta I had leftover from my wedding dress project.

I used modge podge in the hopes that it would both adhere the fabric to the shoe and provide a protective coating.  I first made a template of the shape I needed to cut from the fabric using a sheet of paper towel.  It was all I had but figured it was flexible enough and I didn’t really need to keep the pattern.  I then cut out the fabric to put on the toe.

Next I put a thick layer of modge podge on the shoe and placed the fabric over top.  I made sure to smooth the fabric as much as possible and then put on two or three coats of modge podge, allowing it to dry between layers.

In order to make the edges look more finished I added a strip of ribbon on the sides and around the sole of the shoe.  I’m still debating about putting a bow on them.


She insisted on wearing them to school this morning and I can tell already that I need to add more glue to the fabric. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has some of it peeled off by the time I pick her up from school today.

Then again, perhaps I should just fork out another 15 bucks and buy her a new pair.  😀

**Some thoughts now that the shoes have been worn for a day.

A stronger glue is needed to bond the fabric to the shoe and a flexible, yet durable finish is needed.  I think a few more coats of modge podge might have worked but I think it’s still too stiff when dry.  The coating that I put on the shoes cracked where the shoe bends and by the scuff marks on the toes I would say within a week or so of wearing every day they would be torn through.

Final thought, and I think I have mentioned this previously, that the two idea’s I’ve presented for fixing these shoes would probably be just fine for occasional, short term wearing (kinda like how dress shoes are supposed to be worn).  Unfortunately for me, once my lovely daughter has decided on a favourite pair of shoes, regardless of whether they are dress or play shoes, she wears them until their is no shoe left to wear.  That said, these lovely little shoes didn’t have a chance, and are now resting in the garbage. I tried.  😦


One response to this post.

  1. These shoes are waaay cooler now than when they had sequins! I’ve got two girls too and am always looking for ways to update the hand-me-downs so I’ve had my disasters in sewing but you can actually sell those for $15 instead of investing in another pair. I think you should keep the bow.

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