Basic Alterations – Adult Clothing

Minimum $5 fee for repairs and alterations.

Basic alterations

Pant or sleeve Hems – $5* (includes invisible, standard and cuffed hems)
*add $5 if lined

Skirt/Dress/Jacket Hems – $15*
*add $10 if lined

Zippers- unlined jacket $10 plus zipper*
lined jacket $20 plus zipper*
pants – $10 plus zipper*
*zippers are generally $3 to $10, I will provide the zipper

Waist alteration – unlined pant – $15
lined pant – $25

All other size alterations- $20* this is a base price, final price will be decided once I assess the garment.


Denim repair

(ie. fixing holes, wear spots and tears in jeans without the usual patching) –  approx. $5/inch.  Each hole will need to be assessed and a price will be given prior to repair being made.

*If there is an alteration you need done but don’t see it listed, please email me!


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